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We diagnose your home or office Comfort Systems

True Total Home Comfort and Energy Efficiency
Your equipment is only one component of your heating and air conditioning system. A certified Air Balancing service technician has the training and the tools to diagnose problems with your comfort system beyond just the indoor or outdoor equipment. He tests to make sure the “whole” system is working properly.

Briggs Air Conditioning Heating & Refrigeration

Rather than just “quoting” new equipment, we will test your entire heating and air conditioning system with sophisticated test instruments, and offer the best solutions for your home comfort system.

Briggs Air Conditioning Heating & Refrigeration

We will take the time to discuss comfort issues and concerns and design or redesign a Total Home Comfort System to suit your specific lifestyle and needs.

By measuring and documenting your new or present system’s performance after the installation we make sure it’s fine tuned to make the most of your energy costs while delivering the best possible comfort level it can.


Even though your air conditioning and heating system may be running, it’s not uncommon for it to be operating at half capacity. 
We can now measure the performance of your system and improve your comfort, safety, and energy efficiency.
Briggs Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration is one of less than 3000 air conditioning companies in the world certified in air balancing and diagnostics. Previously, this technology has been reserved for only high-rise buildings and industrial mechanical systems.
Our commitment to your comfort, safety, and proven energy efficiency is unparalleled in the air conditioning and heating industry.

Just as important as our commitment, is our ability to measure and diagnose the elements of comfort in your buildings or offices. The high precision tools we use in our diagnostics are calibrated annually. Our testing procedures combine the latest technology with time-tested air measurement methods.

The certification we hold is from the National Balancing Institute.  In order to hold this certification, we must perform testing procedures, diagnostic processes, and system renovations that deliver measured results. Our customers have sought these solutions for decades.

Air is invisible. So are heating, cooling, air pollutants and energy.  Briggs Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration will measure the properties of each of these invisible elements, and then present the diagnostics to you in plain English.
Our job is to provide the information to help you understand your mechanical systems, and to recommend performance improvements, if necessary. You will then have the information to decide how much or how little work you want done.

We invite you to begin the diagnostic process by telling us if you find any of these symptoms where you spend your days.  Please review the following questions to help us identify comfort problems you are experiencing.  You can reach us at (623) 474-5069.



Which offices will be the hottest at 3:00 this afternoon?

Which offices were the coldest at 8:00 this morning?

Those offices probably have inadequate airflow. It's the air that moves the heat or cooling to each room. Too little air means too little air conditioning or heating, causing discomfort in some rooms.
Do you have to raise your voice on the phone when the fan comes on? High air velocity or equipment noise. Too many ofus have lived with a noisy system for too long. This irritating problem can often be easily corrected.
Does your system run continuously without adequate heating or cooling? Poorly performing system. It may be running, but only at a fraction of capacity. A dozen system components must work together for a system to perform properly.
Are your utility costs excessive? Low MPG. Cars are rated by Miles Per Gallon. But what if there is a leak in the gas line? Your air conditioning system's ducts are similar to your car's fuel line.
Have you had ongoing problems with your system since it was installed? Poor installation. 40% to 50% of air conditioning systems have not been designed or installed properly and can be improved significantly.
Have you experienced any indoor air quality problems such as dust, dirt, moisture-related conditions, or odors? Damaged Ducts. Return ducts have suction in them and most leak. The result is dust and insulation pulled in from the attic or fumes from garages or mechanical rooms.
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